Electromagnetism notes
Electromagnetism videos
Russian Transformers Voltage vs number of coils Hand driven AC generator EM induction essentials Fleming’s left handed rail gun (!) DIY loudspeaker Magnadur to Fe core electromagnet Al pendulum with EM damping Investigating Faraday’s Law National Grid demo Japanese motors Homopolar motor LCR resonance Walking a can Al foil speaker DIY Solenoid Electric Shock Man DIY DC motor build CRT plus magnet Charged ball clock Maltese cross Electron deflection tube Tower of power (induction column) Rogowski coil More electromagnets Electromagnetic bell Induction column with explanation Magnetic fields around wires Magnetic putty Man vs 2V battery Permanent magnets Rail gun slow motion Steel rod magnetization
Motors & loudspeakers
Electricity & circuits
LDR potential divider LCR measurement example Direct R measurement R vs length and cross section Resistance of LDR and thermistor Thermistor potential divider PHYSICS THEATRICS 0.1F big blue capacitor 0.1F capacitor 10ohm increments
Last updated Jan 2022