Physics Revision
GENERAL Physical constants and important quantities to know The Scientific Method and the relationship between theory & experiment Experimental technique and consideration of random and systematic errors MECHANICS Linear Mechanics: Kinematics, force, momentum & energy Materials Rotational Mechanics Special Relativity Gravitational fields, orbits and Kepler's Laws Cosmology: Distance measurement, radial velocity measurement using Doppler, cosmological models and the Hubble law WAVES & OPTICS Waves & Optics Simple Harmonic Motion ELECTRICITY & MAGNETISM Electricity & Circuits Electric fields Magnetic fields and Electromagnetism THERMAL PHYSICS Thermodynamics I: Specific heat capacity and latent heat Thermodynamics II: Kinetic theory, Boltzmann statistics, First law of thermodynamics, heat engines, entropy and the Second law of thermodynamics QUANTUM & ATOMIC PHYSICS Radioactivity Quantum Mechanics I: Black body radiation & Planck Law, Photoelectric effect, Electron Diffraction & Wave-Particle Duality, Bohr atom & Hydrogen spectra Nuclear and Particle Physics Quantum Mechanics II: Schrodinger equation and the wavefunction, The Uncertainty Principle, Measurement in QM and the EPR paradox
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